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DOE Early Career for Nowack lab.

Katja Nowack is awarded a Department of Energy Early Career Research Program Grant. Congratulations Katja!

Brian and Rekha receive NSF graduate fellowships

Brian Schaefer, a second-year graduate student in the group, and Rekha Schnepf, our summer 2015 REU student, were both awarded NSF graduate fellowships. Congratulations, Brian and Rekha!

Sleeving helium hoses - the sequel!

New fridge - new helium hoses to be sleeved. This also doubles as student initiation -- a second welcome to Matt!

Welcome Matt!

Matt Ferguson, a first-year physics graduate student, has joined our group for the Spring semester. Welcome!

Wirebonding song!

Guen in collaboration with the Nowack and Ralph lab created a skit for the Physics holiday party. The song can be found here:

Who would have thought that physicists can sing and dance so happily :)

Welcome Aidan!

Help keeps on flooding in! Aidan Fashena is an engineering physics sophomore who recently joined our lab. Welcome!

Welcome Guen!

Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo from the University of Copenhagen is visiting our group for the next six months. Welcome Guen!


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