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Imaging in the Bluefors dilution refrigerator!

We are obtaining first images from a calibration sample using a home-built and brand new microscope inside our Bluefors dilution refrigerator! The left image is a DC magnetic image. The calibration sample has a meander made from Niobium. The lines are visible due to the Meissner effect screening the background magnetic field. A few vortices are visible as well. We flow an ac current through the meander at the same time. The right image is taken with a lock-in amplifier and shows the magnetic flux due to the current. Image is taken at 50mK. Stay tuned for even cooler images :)

Welcome Rachel!

Rachel Resnick, a sophomore in Applied & Engineering Physics, has joined our lab. Welcome!

Goodbye Ashley!

We wish you all the best in your senior year at Valdosta State University!

Ashley spend her summer with us as CCMR REU student.

Welcome Alex!

Alex Jarjour just joined the lab!

First Scanning SQUID Image!

We are happy to share our first Scanning SQUID image! This image shows the magnetic field from two parallel current-carrying wires on another SQUID chip. It was taken in our Montana Instruments set-up. More interesting materials to come!

Outreach trip to DC.

Brian and Katja were in DC this week to teach 8th graders at Howard U. Middle School about waves.



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